Corporate Catering

No office party or corporate gathering is complete without delicious food. The catering behind a corporate event is often a highlight for your employees. When done properly, it can transform the most boring office event into a memorable experience.

When planning your next company party, think about having a food truck do the catering. It’s fun, affordable, and delicious! There are so many reasons why you and your employees will love food truck office catering from Gary’s Steaks.

Make Your Corporate Gathering Unique

It can be hard to make your corporate gathering truly enjoyable. Regardless of what you have planned, your employees might still feel like they’re at work. Choosing a food truck over traditional catering is a great way to break the ice and make your employees know they’re off the clock.

A food truck is unexpected and it adds some whimsy to the atmosphere. The food itself is less stuffy than a formal multi-course meal so your employees will know it’s time to relax!

Offer Your Guests Many Food Options

When you’re picking out what to serve at your event, you can choose to feature our full menu or just a few items. You can then decide how the food is served. Although your guests can choose made-to-order food straight from the truck, we also offer buffet-style serving.

If you choose to offer our full menu made-to-order, your guests will have the ability to make special requests. They might want certain ingredients added or omitted for personal preference or food allergies. This makes it especially easy if you have guests with dietary restrictions such as keto or veganism. You won’t need to plan a whole separate menu.

There’s something for everyone on Gary’s Steaks menu! We are known for our mouth-watering, authentic Philly cheesesteaks. But we also offer juicy burgers, crispy fried chicken, and more! If you want to feature dessert, choose from cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, and cannoli. No sweet tooth will go unsatisfied!

Spend Less on Catering

Using food truck corporate catering is the most cost-effective way to feed everyone at your next office party. Usually, you end up paying a third of the price of traditional catering or less when you hire a food truck. Having a food truck at your next event proves that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great food. Your guests will absolutely love our New York food truck!

Usually, when you’re having a party catered, you have limited options for venues. You need to make sure wherever you’re hosting has a kitchen, serving area, and plenty of dining space. But food truck office catering opens up the possibilities! Gary’s Steak food truck is a fun all-in-one experience. It frees you up to host your corporate event at a creative location.

Unlike traditional caterers, a food truck brings the kitchen and their equipment with them. We even serve our food directly from the truck. Everything on our menu is easy to eat while mingling with other guests. So, if you want a casual set-up, you don’t have to use dining tables. No extra kitchen equipment or furnishings needed! This is another way you can save big money with food truck catering.

Gary’s Steaks is flexible about where we serve food with our New York food truck. We operate out of Brooklyn and Manhattan but cater to all five boroughs. If you’re about to have an event in Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, or Brooklyn, we’d love to help out! We go to other parts of New York, including Long Island and the Hamptons. We’ll even travel to New Jersey. No matter where you are, you’ll get the delicious Gary’s Steaks experience!

No employee wants to spend a long amount of time at a corporate party waiting for their food to arrive. Many traditional catering options stagger their menu. Guests are served one small course at a time and often have to wait around for the next course to arrive.

Your guests won’t have to wait on Gary’s Steaks. Our food trucks serve fresh food fast! Everything can be made to order, so it will never get cold by the time it gets to your guests. And the wait time is much shorter compared to traditional catering.

If you’re hosting a party that goes late into the night, your guests will probably get hungry again after dinner. With traditional catering, when the caterer clears away the dishes and packs up, your guests can’t get any more food. But with a food truck, it doesn’t have to be that way.

A food truck gives your guests the option of coming back for more when they get hungry. All they have to do is go to the truck and place their order. They can get their late-night food fix and go back to partying!

Gary’s Steaks even offers experiential marketing with our food trucks. With this unique twist on mobile marketing campaigns, we wrap our food trucks in your branding. We’ll provide the drivers and the awesome food. Then we’ll take your branding on the road to locations of your choice.

We can provide experiential marketing for a big upcoming event and even keep the wrap on for a few weeks. This is a great way for people to learn about your brand and truly experience it. It gets peoples’ attention. And they get to eat some great food because of it!

Show Your Employee Appreciation

Maybe you don’t have a big corporate event planned, but you really just want to show your team you value all their hard work. Why not hire a food truck for the day? We can stop by your office at lunchtime and feed all your employees. They’ll feel appreciated, and their taste buds will be satisfied!

Your office party can’t go wrong with a New York food truck. It’s everything you expect from a gourmet kitchen in a quick, convenient truck. Make your next company gathering one to remember with food truck corporate catering from Gary’s Steaks!

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